Digital Transformation Conference Event Branding Overhead Layout

Brief: Roar Media 'Digital Transformation'Event Branding 2022

Roar Media is a conference events company, running events globally. Each year they run the Digital Transformation Conference which sees speakers from companies such as Google and BT discussing how their companies have transformed digitally . We have been working with Roar Media for a number of years, consistently updating the branding for the Digital Transformation Conference to keep it refreshed whilst retaining brand identity and recognisability. 


The digital transformation conferences have strict guidelines each year to use the same colours and typeface to ensure brand identity. For the latest refresh, we added in a locational bar which could be changed depending on where the conference was heading. The logo was simple yet effective, using the colour scheme and type limitations to our advantage to create a striking logo.

Cotswold Pie Co were after a cost-effective label that would go on the box, preferably not covering the whole window. We came up with the solution of doing one long label that allowed you to see into the box, whilst simultaneously acting as a fastening to close the box more securely. This saved costs too as each box only needed one label rather than a separate one for the top and the bottom. As well as this, the label going across the side of the box, allows for these boxes to be displayed on-shelf, on top of one another in a way that means the pie can lie flat and the flavour can still be clearly seen to the consumer.

The pie boxes themselves are recyclable so it was important to us, and The Cotswold Pie Co, that we choose a label that can be fully recycled too – this is something that can cause an issue with a lot of packaging. As these are pies that you cook at home, there is also the option to buy in bulk, therefore we also chose a material that would survive the freezer – and the results were beautiful. Not only have these ticked all our happy aesthetic boxes, these tick all our eco-friendly and durable boxes too. These labels are a real representation of how great the brand and the pies inside the boxes are!


We designed identifiable illustrations for icons and 


We designed the website to be straight forward, we wanted to leave the busyness to the illustrations and make the customer experience as simple as possible. All key information is in the dropdown menu laid out across the top, and all further information is in the footer. The process of ordering is simple, and both the pies and company are clearly described through words and imagery (both illustrative and photographic). The illustrations continue to be seen throughout the website, but are stripped back slightly in most places, to further keep the simplicity. Alongside the bright colours from the colour palette, the brand’s energetic feel and vibrancy is clearly portrayed without it being overpowering.

We also helped The Cotswold Pie Co with their SEO and the copywriting for this website. Through the SEO we have optimised this website to appear in searches and have recognition. We have given the brand a voice to match their look, and in the copywriting throughout the website, we have let this voice be heard and made the brand even stronger through words and a personality that is welcoming and fun to the customer.